Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sasha's Kitchen: Pink Lingerie Cupcakes

I was feeling inspired the night before the Super Bowl last weekend to make some new cupcakes.  As a big Giants fan, one would assume it would be to make Giants cupcakes to cheer on my team.  But alas, it was not.  I've wanted for some time to make pink lingerie cupcakes, a nice girly theme for some cute cupcakes. So along with some chocolate stout brownies, this was my dessert for the Super Bowl party that we went to last weekend. I used gum paste, which is similar to fondant to make the decorations - corsets (or bustiers) and pink string bikinis.  I dyed the gum paste bright pink and rolled it out using a rolling pin.  Then I cut out the shapes for the corsets and bikinis and added that to the frosted cupcakes.  I made a small batch of black icing and piped on the detail using a thin tip.  This would of course be perfect for a girl's night out, or a bridal shower, or just some plain old cupcake creativity on a Saturday night!  See the fun pictures below. If you are looking to make the chocolate cupcakes, the recipe can be found on my blog here or here on the Shoprite blog.


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