Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brad's Kitchen: Belgian Frites with Spicy Mayo

My wife Sasha and I are taking a trip to Europe in a week and a half and one of the places we plan to visit is Brussels, Belgium. Belgium is probably best known for its food, including
Belgian waffles, frites, beef carbonnade, mussels, chocolate and beer. We can't wait to try all of those things on our trip. Since Sasha & I both love Belgian frites with spicy mayo, we decided to try our hand in making them at home as a preview for our trip. It was actually not too difficult and the result was pretty authentic and quite satisfying.

Brad's Belgian Frites
5 medium sized potatoes
Canola Oil
1 T dijon mustard
cayenne pepper

To prepare the frites, first peel five medium sized potatoes. Then slice the potatoes into strips which are about the size of the fries that you want to prepare. I used our hot pot to deep fry the frites. I made the fries in two separate batches, filling the hot pot about half way with canola oil and placing the metal basket with the sliced potatoes into the fryer. I set the temperature to 375 degrees and fried for about 10-15 minutes until each batch was golden brown. The first batch took longer than the second one, because the oil needed time to heat up to the right temperature.

I salted the frites immediately after removing them from the fryer. Just like in Belgium, we ate our frites with spicy mayo, which we prepared by simply combining lowfat mayonnaise with a bit of dijon mustard and a healthy amount of cayenne pepper, to taste.

We served the frites as a side dish for our dinner along with some healthy chicken bratwursts that we got from Fresh Direct.



  1. what a great looking meal!!

  2. Mmmmmm, fried potatoes with spicy sauce, what could be bad?

  3. Frites/French fries will be the end of me for sure. I luv 'em. The spicy mayo sounds interesting.

  4. I think you should make these for Alex the next time we visit. I am sure they would make it to the top in his fries rating contest. Maybe even rivaling his all time favorite fries from the Mesa Grill!

  5. I love fries and spicy mayo. Reminds me of my days in Belgium!

  6. Hi, I'm from the Netherlands and we have Belgian fries in our "diet" too. The secret to really good fries, is to fry them twice!

    First at lower heat, then let them cool, and brown a few minutes in a second frying at a higher temperature.

    that's what will give them the authentic taste and crisp :)


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