Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sasha's Kitchen: Succulent Citrus Salad With Honey Vinaigrette

Citrus fruits are perfect for summer, and while summer is not quite here just yet, it is the perfect time for a juicy citrus salad.  All citrus fruits taste very different and this salad would be great with a combination of any different flavors.  What’s most important is using fresh, juicy organic fruits – the best you can find – because the salad depends on their quality.  I selected tangerines, Valencia oranges and blood oranges, along with blackberries.  Other great fruits to use include Satsuma oranges, Mandarin Oranges, grapefruits and raspberries.  I would have actually preferred raspberries but they are not in season yet and are exorbitantly expensive right now.

As far as the lettuce, I recommend using Boston butter lettuce, my absolute favorite kind of lettuce.  Please do not substitute other types of lettuce in this salad as none will have the buttery sweet flavor of Boston lettuce, which complements the citrus fruit and the sweet honey vinaigrette perfectly.

Sasha’s Succulent Citrus Salad (makes about 3-4 salads, depending on the size)

2 tangerines
1 large Valencia orange
2 medium sized blood oranges
2 small heads of Boston butter lettuce
fresh tarragon
½ cup canola oil
¼ cup champagne vinegar
15 blackberries
2T honey

Slice the peels off the fruit and separate into segments.  Prepare each salad with the Boston lettuce and equal portions of the fruits.  Combine vinegar, canola oil and honey into a vinaigrette.  Top with the vinaigrette and a bit of fresh tarragon.



  1. Sounds absolutely delightful!

  2. I got to be very fond of blood orange juice combined with honey for salads when I was in Sicily - I agrre with you it is a great combination. Thanks

  3. I love butter-leaf lettuce! So soft and sweet. Mache would work - when tender. The salad is so welcoming - ready to dig in.

  4. A very healthy salad. I can eat a big bowl.

  5. Salad looks might refreshing, just perfect in my opinion! Haven't tried blood oranges yet but am anxious to do so.


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