Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sasha's Kitchen: Restaurant Review of 'The Farm On Adderley'

The best brunch in New York City isn't in Manhattan.  And, Park Slope brunch might be getting a run for its money too.  I have long said that Rosewater in Park Slope has the best brunch in New York City, but the race is now a tie.  I had one of the best brunches of my life last weekend at a small farm-to-table style organic restaurant in Ditmas Park called 'The Farm On Adderley.'

It was a bit of a trip on the subway to get to Ditmas Park, about five stops past Atlantic Avenue on the Q train to Cortelyou Road, but well worth the trek.   The Farm On Adderley is no secret to those who live in the surrounding neighborhoods.  It was a 30 minute wait for a table for prime sunday brunch, and this restaurant was clearly the number one place in the neighborhood, surrounded by lovely, charming Victorian era homes.  Yes, this is still Brooklyn, but you have officially entered suburbia.  I loved every minute of it, from the wonderful farm fresh, seasonal ingredients used in my brunch, the friendly service, to my walk around the neighborhood filled with Victorian homes that qualifies as part of the Midwood Section of Brooklyn.  I had never been to Ditmas Park before, but I will be back for dinner at the Farm On Adderley soon!

The menu looked too amazing for my husband and I to stick to one entree a piece.  And why should we?  The menu was extremely reasonably priced.  All of the foods on the menu are prepared using exclusively farm fresh, seasonal produce from various organic and humane purveyors and farms.

We started off by each ordering a pot of lovely tea.  I selected the White Rose Melange tea, while Brad ordered the Unity Botanical Blend.  Then, we shared a salad, the Bibb Salad with pumpkin seeds, cranberries and goat cheese fritters, which hit the spot.  I enjoyed it so much that I am going to try preparing my own version of the salad this weekend.

For our entrees, I ordered the creative Red Flannel Hash, a dish prepared with cured corned beef, an egg sunny side up and beet puree.  The combination of the farm fresh beets with the cured corned beef was stellar.  This dish ranks very close to the top of brunch dishes I have had in my ten years living in New York.  My husband ordered a bit more traditionally - sausage, potatoes and eggs.  His dish was equally impressive and delicately prepared to perfection.  We also had a side of cheddar cheese grits, a dish that seems so easy, yet it was absolutely mouth watering.

Finally, we had two slices of sea salt chocolate chip brioche for dessert.  It would never have occurred to me to prepare brioche with a combination of chocolate and salt in the first place.  What a wonderful idea.  The combination was perfect and maintained the delicacy of the brioche, preventing it from being overly sweet.  This was the complete package, a delightful brunch from start to finish.  None of the dishes we ordered were overly complex, but the Farm On Adderley did all the little things right to create a charming and mouth watering brunch in a delightful ambiance, with wonderful service to match.  As I said above, we will be back for dinner very soon indeed.


  1. great review- glad you had a wonderful meal


  2. great review- glad you had a wonderful meal

  3. Great review. Makes me wish I lived in Brooklyn!


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