Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kelly's Kitchen On The Road At The In-Laws (Salt Lake City): Thick Cut Pan Seared Steaks

My husband and I met each other while living in Utah. He lived there for 9 years, I lived there for 6. While Steve was living there his dad come out there for a change of pace. After living there a few years, Steve's dad got married and stayed around even though we've moved away nearly 4 years ago.

I am so grateful to have somewhere to stay when we come out to go skiing at our favorite resort: Alta ski area. We have even left our skis and such at their house which makes makes popping in for a quick weekend even easier.

We always try and bring something out or do something to thank them for their hospitality. Steve's dad is a big fan of a good steak. So, on this trip we made them our favorite steak preparation- Pan Seared Thick Cut Strip Steaks. We are big fans of Costo's USDA Prime steaks, but only Choice was available in Utah, which is still tasty.

I think it's the scientist in me that loves Cooks Illustrated. I always like to know not only how to cook but the background behind the cooking method.

This recipe is almost completely backwards from everything that I've ever tried with a steak. It starts in the oven then sears in a hot pan. This technique controls the temperature of the steak so well, and by drying the surface in the oven first, it creates an amazing crust.

One note of caution- your smoke detector is going to go off! We always have the windows open and the fan going but it never fails. It's worth the hassle though. In this picture, Steve is searing and I am fanning the smoke detector.

The Perfect Medium Rare Steak
1. Start by cutting a strip steak in half to create 2 portions (should be around 1 1/2 in thick)
2. Season with salt and pepper liberally.
3. Place steak on a metal baking rack on a rimmed sheet pan into a 275 degree oven.
4. Bake until 90-95 degrees internal temperature (about 20 min)
5. Heat a skillet to medium high with some vegetable oil and sear for 2 min per side.
6. Rest for 10 min under loosely tented foil.
7. Don't forget to re-attach the smoke detector!!

Steak on Foodista

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